giancarlo e danna

Vedo Rosso

26.03.2022 — 12.06.2022
curated by
Danna Olgiati
Archived exhibition
exhibitions archive

This exhibition forges a dialogue between twentieth-century masters and contemporary artists, highlighting some of the many interpretations of the colour red. Bringing together artists from different generations, nationalities and cultures, it explores the range of meanings and the expressive qualities associated with red. Some artists attribute great symbolism to red, while others capitalise on its compelling presence; it has variously been used to explore monochrome, and represent vital energy or, on the contrary, pain. The exhibition is designed to offer visitors an original, immersive journey into the symbology of red based on a selection of works from the Olgiati Collection, mostly from the 1960s to the present, juxtaposed to created visual and semantic associations that only partially reflect chronological and historiographic considerations. By taking a non-linear approach to the main themes and currents present in the Collection, it brings out new connections between works that may come from very different periods, focussing in particular on the dialogue between contemporary pieces and the avant-garde movements of the twentieth century.