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Pietro Roccasalva

18.09.2022 — 18.12.2022
Archived exhibition
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Pietro Roccasalva's work revolves around painting as a specific field of action, even when it involves the use of other media, which are always integrated into the process that precedes and follows the creation of a painterly image.The formal and conceptual research that the artist has been engaged in over the last twenty years covers a broad spectrum, in which painting intersects with other media such as sculpture, photography, video and performance, a mingling of genres that however always begins and ends in painting. With multiple references ranging from everyday life to art history, from cinema, literature and philosophy to digital and media culture, Roccasalva has developed a vast iconographic repertoire made up of characters, objects and architectural structures, and a very personal lexicon that combines the most traditional painting techniques and genres with the most recent digital practices. The show is organised into different areas which present a combination of early works, drawings and iconic pieces that illustrate recurrent themes and imagery in Roccasalva's art.