Collezione Olgiati
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The Collezione Giancarlo e Danna Olgiati forms part of the Museum Circuit of the Art Museum of Italian Switzerland (MASI, Lugano). It's seat is next to the LAC - Lugano Arte e Cultura - cultural centre and houses more than 200 works of outstanding artistic quality: more than 100 of these are on exhibit, ranging from the 1950s to the present day. The Giancarlo and Danna Contemporary Art Collection, the right of use of which was granted to the City of Lugano in 2012, proposes exhibitions that are always different. These are accompanied by temporary exhibitions which to a greater degree explore the work of the artists included in the collection.

The collectors believe that the City of Lugano, with the new MASI, resulting from the union of the two local museums, could become the natural successor of the entire collection. In tune with a tradition that is deep-rooted in Switzerland, the project builds a solid and constructive relationship between public institutions and private collectors.