Collezione Olgiati
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Like the Schaulager -1 opens to the public at least once a year. It is available to everyone upon appointment.

Located in the underground rooms of Central Park, -1 is a private space, accessible to scholars and researchers by appointment. Similarly to a Shaulager, it will be open to the public at least once per year. This will allow for the exhibition and collection to be shown, as well as any special installations commissioned by the collectors in agreement with the Art Museum and the Cantonal Art Museum. And above all, it will be a chance to understand the different branches of investigation of private collectors, their significance, and how they are interwoven with the research and the exhibition activities of both museums.

The rooms have been donated to the City of Lugano by Eligio Boni, Erica Boni, Giuseppina Filippini, Marco Boni, Immobiliare Park Lugano SA and refurbished thanks to the Caccia Foundation.


The City of Lugano has made arrangements with the collectors Giancarlo and Danna Olgiati for more than 200 works belonging to their Collection to be stored in the underground rooms of Central Park. The warehouse, which is a temporary exhibition area at the same time, is called "-1".
The Convention regulating the storage of the Olgiati Collection provides for this artistic patrimony to be available, from now on, for the exhibitions of the MASI Museo d'Arte della Svizzera italiana. The works will also be available for exchanges with other museums for temporary exhibitions.
The collectors believe that the City of Lugano, with the new MASI, resulting from the union of the two local museums, could become the natural successor of the entire collection.
In tune with a tradition that is deep-rooted in Switzerland, the project builds a solid and constructive relationship between public institutions and private collectors.